Van Gogh Museum/ Collection of Missing Titles

Van Gogh Museum/ Collection of Missing Titles

With a 120 years since Van Gogh’s death and more than 2000 known works, it is incredible that only five of his paintings (oil on canvas) have ever been recorded as destroyed. Today the majority of Van Gogh’s works are carefully preserved in museums and private collections. However photographs of the five destroyed works still exist and have been published in a book; Van Gogh, The Complete Paintings. Some of the photographs are black and white as the paintings were destroyed in fires during World War II, before the advent of color photography.

In that context I am interested to make a reproduction of these five works, which no longer exist and are no longer viewable by the public. In this series, all the works are painted in black and white to represent the vanished part of art history. I present the reproduction of five paintings at UNFAIR to a broad public in order to lift the haze of the past and bring focus on lost and hidden gems of history.

In the space all materials are in black and white. From display model to lights and from the freestanding barriers to painting frames, everything is a replica of the exhibition space in Van Gogh Museum.

For more details please contact with me; suatogut[at]gmail[dot]com



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