Stolen Property Bureau

Commissioned by Courthouse Amsterdam, Bronze, Bricks, Granite, 320x180x75cm 2015

“The Horse is Back” is a part of the Stolen Property Bureau series, where I delve into the realm of art theft, specifically focusing on stolen bronze statues. In 2012, the bronze horse, crafted by Henk Göbel in 1983, was stolen from its plinth. The unfolding events took an unexpected turn when the police discovered the sculpture cut into twenty-five pieces months later. One of the perpetrators, upon conviction, expressed remorse for the crime. This individual visited the sons of the late sculptor and offered a heartfelt apology, genuinely unaware of the profound grief the destruction had caused.

This installation not only signifies the return of the original horse to its initial location but also serves as a monument to the anonymous bronze thief. It captures the remorse felt by the perpetrator upon realizing the far-reaching consequences of the crime, transforming the installation into a poignant reminder of the emotional impact wrought by such actions.