Kinemathek Karlsruhe would like to dedicate in a three-month series of events to this menacing societal phenomenon and to address the past as well as the presence of right-wing German realities. An explicitly innovative approach is pursued under the title “Gemeinsam gewollte Gesamtkonteption / Collectively Desired Overall Conception” in order to take into account this very complex topic on different approaches at different levels.
Solidarity of the Memory will be on view until 9 February at Kinemathek Karlsruhe. For more information link here.
The Future of the Me-nemen-Mory was on show in Tuinstraat 87, Amsterdam from 20th November until 17th December 2019.

I am very pleased to receive AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) for development budget in 2019. Check the great photos by Vera Duivenvoorden and interview with Lotte Stig. For more information press photo.


The First Turk Immigrant or the Nameless Heroes of the Revolution is at its new spot in Molenwijk until 18th November 2018. For more information press photo.


Article about my work at Public Art Amsterdam by Joke de Wolf (in Dutch)


SENGUL was made possible with support of Stichting Stokroos. On view until 18th November in Werkplaats Molenwijk


Group exhibition organized by Corridor Project Space and Noks Art Space in Istanbul. 9 September – 7 October 2018


Collection of Missing Titles is on view at Van Gogh Huis in Zundert until 6th January 2019.


Çalmak ya da çalmamak: Trumbauer Aile Koleksiyonu, Ozge Yilmaz


Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.15.16 PM

Mona Lisa nihayet Istanbul’da! Kultigin Kagan Akbulut


Suç, sanat ve oyun, Milliyet Sanat, Fisun Yalcinkaya


Bir Sanat Hirsizligi Hikayesi, Trendsetter Istanbul Magazin, Naz Cuguoglu ile roportaj.


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On the Trans-ID exhibition interview by M-est and Anna Zizlsperger



Review by Eric Beyer at Exhibist Magazine 13th Issue, September 2017. Press on photo above to download full text.


Interview with Robert van Munster at Mister Motley


Review by Cihad Caner at Daily Sabah Newspaper


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Eger bir devrimci olsaydim, Agos Gazetesi, Tuba Esen ile roportaj