Solidarity of The Memory

Memorial Proposal to NSU attacks in Keupstrasse and Probsteigasse, 2016

Solidarity of The Memory is an installation that represents the building, that is situated on the cross section between Keupstrasse and Schanzenstraze in Cologne. The facade, which has so far been protected as the cultural heritage and the collective memory of the neighborhood, is now being confronted by forthcoming gentrification plans for the area. The work focusses on the notions of memory, space, testimony, and disappearance within a historical framework. The installation takes shape of the facade of this building by using the restoration method for historical buildings, and manifests the resistance of the past. In that context, the facade is transformed into a monument and this transformation creates a space to remember the people who have lost their lives in the attacks such as arsons in 1992 and 1993 as well as NSU murders.

Photo credit: Giovanni Giaretta & Ilya Rabinovich