Solidarity of The Memory

Memorial Proposal to NSU attacks in Keupstrasse and Probsteigasse, 2016

Solidarity of The Memory focusses on memory, space, testimony, solidarity, resistance, disappearance and visibility within a historical framework. Solidarity of The Memory situates itself on the cross section between Keupstrasse and Schanzenstraze in the name of protecting the cultural heritage and the identified memory of the neighborhood in front of restructuring. The facade of the space has preserved its own cultural identity until today. The facade will be transformed into a monument and this transformation will create a memory together with the representation of who have lost their lives in the attacks such as arsons in 1992 and 1993 as well as NSU murders. In the memorial proposal, it is scripted the idea that this place which has also been used by the fire department at a certain point, will be protected by the ones who have lost their lives due to the untamed fired in the burnt places.

Solidarity of The Memory intends to contain the resistance of the past, the resistance of the facade while creating a space for collective struggle. It will become a meeting point for the yearly held ‘Birlikte Festivali’.