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Installation and sound
3 designed wooden beds and mattresses, Acrylic paints on bed sheets and selected slogans by the workshop with students.
2 edition bed size 220x140cm and 1 edition bed size 220x90cm

In the 1980s Sengul Köker fled from Turkey to Switzerland because her political viewpoints were not in line with those of the Turkish government at the time. In Switzerland, she remained politically active and she became a member of the communist party of Switzerland in 1983, for which she has made many banners. Her story forms the departure point for this work, silenced in her own country, she has a voice in this project called “SENGUL”, after her.

The work is about a series of workshops for which the banners were made by Sengul Köker throughout the years. In an attempt to revisit her past and highlight her perspective, the project focused on re-making the banners by Köker, selected from the archive of the communist party in Delamont. Apart from that, the project engages with students from ten to twelve years old to create banners on topics that concern them now and in the future.

Sengul kindly supported Stichting Stokroos