Suat Öğüt 
Born in 1986 in Diyarbakır, Turkey. Lives and works in Amsterdam and in Izmir. Co-founder at Corridor Project Space.

Studio; Ferdinand Huyckstraat 6G 1061HW Amsterdam, The Netherlands
mail to: suatogut@gmail.com

Education & Residencies
2012-2013 HISK/Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Ghent
2012 Apartment Project, Artist in Residency, Berlin (September)
2010 Villa Waldberta ,Artist in Residency, Munich (July – September)
2003-2007 Marmara University Fine Art Education Faculty Painting department, Istanbul

Awards & Grants
Mondriaan Fonds, Projectinvestering Kunstenaar en Bemiddelaar      
Project support by the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Turkey     
2021 A stipendium grant for established artist by Mondriaan Fonds
Stichting Stokroos, project based grant, Amsterdam
Young art support Amsterdam Awards 
Mondriaan Fonds, Projectinvestering Kunstenaar en Bemiddelaar      
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (Development grand), Amsterdam
Stichting Stokroos, project based grant, Amsterdam
SAHA Association, Supported Project, Amsterdam
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (Spreekuur), Amsterdam
SAHA Association, Supported Project, Ghent
Akbank Contemporary Artists Prize, Istanbul

Lectures & Workshops
UVA University of Amsterdam BA students, Amsterdam NL.
AKI Academy of Art & Design BA students, Enschede NL.
2020 Hyperion Lyceum, Amsterdam NL.
HKU, MA students, Utrecht NL. 
HMC mbo vakschool voor hout, meubel en interieur, Amsterdam NL.
2018 HMC mbo vakschool voor hout, meubel en interieur, Amsterdam NL.
2017 Duzce University Sculpture Department, Duzce TR. 

Solo Exhibitions
2023 Birdir Bîr, Solo show at AVTO,Istanbul,TR
2022 Completing the Disappearing Landscape, Solo show at Merkezkac Collective Space, Diyarbakir,TR
2019 The Future of MenemenMory solo exhibition, Amsterdam, NL 
2017 Trumbauer Family Collection”, Duo exhibition with Ozgur Demirci, KASA Gallery, Istanbul, TR
2016 A Particular Scenario” Duo Exhibition with David Bernstein, Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam, NL
2015 Stolen Property Bureau”Schmall Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
2011 We are working for better”, Organized by De Kijkdoos, Amsterdam, NL
2008 Speeding Up Domestic Life, Curators: Kristina Kramer & Anna Hedinhain, Istanbul, TR

Selected Group Shows 
Stadscamping RAUM, group exhibition, curated by Theo Tegelaers, Utrecht, NL.
Kunstcorso organized by Culturelestelling, Amsterdam, NL
Bouw pop-up, organized by De Bouwput, Amsterdam, NL.
06.2023-35, exhibition organized by Sergen Sehitoglu, Sanatorium, Istanbul, TR.
If You Really Knew Me, group exhibition at De Appel, Amsterdam, NL. 

Knock Knock a group exhibition at Gemaal, Rotterdam, NL 
Odd to Doubt, a group exhibition at TENT, Rotterdam and at Framer Framed, Amsterdam, NL. 

An online exhibition, organized by Museum of Equality and Difference, Utrecht, NL. 
A Group exhibition, Organized by YAA support at OAN 2021, Amsterdam, NL.
When Stones Awake, Organized by Post Platform, Nijmegen, NL.

Gemeinsam gewollte Gesamtkonzeption, Group exhibition at Kampnagel Hamburg, DE. 
Refresh Amsterdam, A Sense of Place, at Amsterdam Museum, NL. 
A Matter of (In)digestions, Curated by La Cocina, Amsterdam, NL. 
No Man is an Island, at Ijselstein Museum, Ijselstein, NL.

Gemeninsam gewollte Gesamkonzeption, Group exhibition curated by Jens Geiger, Karlsruhe, DE. 
Museumnacht" video screening, organized by Plaatsmaken, Arnhem, NL. 

Pay Attention Please!, Monuments to the Unsung organized by Framer Framed for Public Art Amsterdam
The Future of Traveling, Group exhibition with Noks Art Space and Corridor Project Space, Istanbul 
Office of Unspecified Services (O.U.S.), Group exhibition curated by Sohrab Mohebbi, SALT, Istanbul 
After Vincent, Group exhibition organized by Vincent Van Gogh House, Zundert
The Future of Traveling”, Group exhibition with Noks Art Space and Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam 
space, witnessing, in solidarity, with belit sag and Merve Bedir, PuntWG, Amsterdam

space,witnessing,in solidarity”, with belit sag and Merve Bedir, Apartment Project Space, Berlin
Trans-ID", Organized by Seyhan Musaoglu & Anna Zizlsperger, Istanbul
Playtime”, Organized by Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam
Sis”, group exhibition Organized by Selda Asal, Depo, Istanbul
Vincent op Vrijdag”, Organized by Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Imago Mundi”, Collection organization by Claudio Scorretti & Irina Ungureanu, Palermo

Christie's Amsterdam & Unfair Amsterdam 2016" Amsterdam
Her Havuzun Dibi Ayni" exhibition by BIT collective, Izmir
Art Route, Get Lost” Curators; Rieke Vos & Laurie Cluitmans, Amsterdam
Stay With Me”, Organized by Apartment Project, Depo, Istanbul
Transparency of Evil or Looking to the Other”, Kareart Gallery, Istanbul

Stay With Me”, Organized by Apartment Project, Berlin
Storefront Marketplace”, Organized by  Sandra Teitge, Storefront Marketplace, MinneaPolis
UNFAIR Amsterdam”, NDSM, Amsterdam

Portrait of the Artist. Works and References”, Curator: Katerina Gregos, HISK, Gent
Suspended Song”, Co-Pilot, Istanbul
Akbank Contemporary Artists Prize Exhibition”, Istanbul
Open Studio”, Organization by HISK, Ghent
The Research and Destroy Department of Black Mountain College”, Curator: Jean Bernard Koeman, W139,Amsterdam
In Several Aspects

Re-Locate” Organization by Apartment Project, Istanbul
I also have a heart”, Cankaya Public Art Manifestation, Curator:Jerome Symons, Ankara
We are working for better”, Organized by De Kijkdoos, Amsterdam
Where fire has struck” Organized by Human rights foundation of Turkey, Istanbul
Heyday- diffusion of Inventions’’ Curator: Kristina Kramer, Manzara Perspectives Gallery, Istanbul

Deadpan Exchange V”, Curator: Gökçe Süvari, Skopje
Lives and Works”, Curator: Beral Madra, Istanbul
When Ideas Become Crime”, Curator: Halil Altındere, Istanbul
Sense of Place, Construct of Other”, Curator: Huseyin Karakaya, Gelsenkirchen
CITYSCALE”, Curator: Beral Madra & Deniz Erbas, Munich
Heyday- diffusion of Inventions’’ , Portable Arts Project, Curator: Kristina Kramer, Istanbul
Tourist in Formation” Organization by K2, Izmir
Unplugged” Organization by Videoist, Manzara Perspectives, Istanbul
In Between”, Coordinator: Istanbul 2010 ECOC Visual Arts Directorate, Istanbul
ÜGYCUTIOWIRFAHKPNE”, Organization by Jugoslav Mitevski, Istanbul

Amsterdam Biennial, Istanbul Pavilion”, Mediamatic, Amsterdam
Global Fair & Festival Celebration”, International Exchange Program Exhibition, S.Korea
24 Hours Petroleum”, Organization by Fikret Atay, Batman
Istanbul Audio Tour”, Organization by C.U.M.A. Istanbul
Contingent Identities” Organization by Isdora Ficovic & DEPO, Istanbul
Translation & Conversion” Collaboration project with Play Gallery, Istanbul

Speeding Up Domestic Life”, Organization: Kristina Kramer & Anna Hedinhain, Istanbul
Art Is my playground”, Organization by Videoist, Istanbul