(Un)Healthy Doubt: Life! You are a miracle

(Un)Healthy Doubt: Life! You are a miracle

18 letters made out from Foam, Colour drawings, video, performance Dimensions variable.

For the project, Odd to Doubt, I drew attention to Pan’s relationship with art, (the god of the field, satyrs and shepherds in Greek mythology), despite only knowing a story of Pan has full of love and sex. As Pan was excluded by the 12 gods in the ancient Greek period, he is a god who somehow inspired the history of art and revealed his revolution. Pan, who inspired the word panic, is a figure that can inspire us in the concept of the odd to doubt. In this context, it is an artistic guide to our individual and collective issues, concerns, thoughts and thinking, transforming into an optimistic point of view for the future. Just like creating an instrument with a genius idea that comes into your mind rather than losing something, motivating your life with the sound it creates. 

For the project, Healthy Doubt Live! You are a Miracle is a performative installation based on collective work, the transformation of the existing words into another sentence, in which the body movements are put into action. The body of the students is represented by the human alphabet and re-create the anagram to define the notion of the thoughts that were created by the students with a simple gesture. 

Healthy Doubt of Live! You Are a Miracle, artist Suat Ogut is in collaboration with the teacher/artist Tonje Langeveld and the students at De Vinse School. For the installation, various materials are used to create human alphabets, such as drawings on foams made by Suat Ogut, video documentation made by Tonje Langeveld and interviews and performances by the students. 

(Un)Healthy Doubt: Life! You are a miracle was made possible by the support of Madelinde Hageman ve Saskia van Broekhoven for the project called Ode aan de Twijfel