Unforeseen Rhythms

neon and plexiglass 120×200 cm and 2 channel video 34min. 2022

Unforeseen Rhythms consists of a neon ceiling installation and a two-channel video using satellite imagery of the river. The neon installation addresses the socio-political impact of the Tigris River in the region, emphasizing the water disputes within the geographical expanse of the river. It questions the connection between the policies implemented in the region and their role in controlling the flow of water in the river, which serves as the origin of ongoing tensions between states in the upper and lower basins.

The neon installation also points to the presence of archaeological sites and hidden ancient cities along the path of the river. The accompanying video examines the critical area between Diyarbakır and Mardin Dargeçit, specifically the Ilısu Dam, where the Tigris River flows. The artist compiles found visuals obtained from Google Maps and transforms them into a video, documenting the points where water levels rose in the region after the dam’s opening, along with historic sites submerged by the waters and abandoned living spaces. The names of the submerged districts and villages in the subtitles indicate their locations on the map along the river’s path.

installation view at AVTO, 2023

This work was made for the exhibition called Birdir Bîr which took place in Sep-Dec 2023 at AVTO. for more information link below