Speeding up Domestic Life

Installation at Manzara Perspectives, Istanbul, 2008

Too many people move daily from a to b, they get stuck or blocked, but somehow things are still moving which raises the question, whether people got closer to the aim they originally persuit or not. Domestic life seems to continue day by day due to its repetition.Thus it appears to be the outside´opposite. Suat Ögüt alienates with his works the domestic environment as well as disturbs it with little inventions in order to unmask the assumed silence. 

On first sight everything seems to be normal: a very personal arranged appartment, an atmosphere as if the resident would step in any moment. The TV runs and the housework equipment is ready installed to be used. Only on second sight it is striking that the news are that too accelerated to understand and that the daily headlines get lost in the irrelevance of highspeeded pictures.

In the performance series „The rest of the world“ Suat simulates with simple means how to be independent from the development of modern household technology. Another hint to the supposed resident, seems to be the framed pictures of a young man in a soldier´s uniform. The man, who is decorated several times for serving his country is Suat Ögüt himself. And on second sight it becomes apparent that he wears the uniforms of various nations.

Suat occupates and implements the domestic environment with his own ideas. And exactly from that aspect he creates an own images that of the „Outside world“ that is pointed out in the news and the soldiers´photographs.

Kristina Kramer