Nefes / Breath

3 Channel Video Color & Sound, 18:10min 2022

The project alludes to the devastation, displacement, and irreparable damage inflicted on the archaeological site and the region due to the ongoing water dispute. By focusing on Hasankeyf, divided by the Tigris River, I reflect upon the water policies, daily life, agricultural activities, urban policies, and the function of borders in Upper Mesopotamia through materials associated with my childhood memories.

The project comprises installations, videos, printed materials, and a scaled city model. 

The first work to encounter is a three-channel video titled Nefes (Breath). It documents the destruction caused by the dam construction in the region from a subjective perspective. It pays tribute to the local population’s determination to continue living at home despite adversities.

This work was made for the exhibition called Birdir Bîr which took place in Sep-Dec 2023 at AVTO. for more information link below