I Have Become German

Sound and Video projection, Installation view, 2010, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

In this project  “Sense of  Place Construct to Other”, Gelsenkirchen became an exemplary laboratory, focusing on ethnic groups. Models of construction like place, space and economic power, phenomena of the global market, and their consequences were examined. Individual documentary projects visualized socio-spatial areas and their borders, the meaning, experiencing and valuing of urban space as well as physical segregation from the perspective of economic migrants and their children. The project “Sense of Place” invites three artists with a migrant background to look at the socio-spatial situation of the area of the program and to develop work from a participatory and situationist angle.

The artists act as experts on the basis of their own experience. They look at the city from an outside perspective, being at the same time personally affected. The work developed in this project makes the program area Südost Gelsenkirchen accessible. This project demystifies the construct of “the other”; it enables viewers and participants to experience comprehensible shifts in their views.

Huseyin Karakaya