Cultural Center / Mala Candi

Inflatable installation with textiles, air mattresses and air pomps, dimension variable 2022

Cultural Center is a project inspired by a structure situated at the heart of the Suceken village back in the 1980s. Positioned along the Tigris River, just 15 minutes before reaching the city centre on the way to Hasankeyf, this cultural hub played a pivotal role in hosting various activities for the local community, fostering the exchange of ideas. The distinctive mosaic tiling on its facade set it apart visually from other structures in the vicinity.

Throughout the artist’s research process at different times, the remnants of the once-thriving the village intermittently reveal themselves amidst the ebb and flow of the water. At times, these remnants resurface, while at others, they remain submerged beneath the water’s surface. The artist’s projection, rooted in the dynamic relationship between the village, its structures, and the water observed during each visit, portrays the structures as witnesses—living entities capable of both breathing and exhaling, standing the test of time in a state of perpetual observation.