Completing the Disappeared Landscape

City maquatte of hasankeyf 190x270cm 2022

“Completing the Disappeared Landscape,” depicting Hasankeyf before the dam construction, provides a panoramic view of the district. It allows observation of the abandoned living spaces, archaeological sites, ancient canyons, and the geographical texture that encompasses the cultural heritage, including numerous caves, before being submerged underwater. It reveals the critical position of the Tigris River flowing through the district, its impact on agricultural fields, the no longer existing urban life, and the location of ongoing construction projects in the city. The Hasankeyf model, offering a bird’s-eye view of the traces of the lost memory, enables the transformation of the district from the past to the present to be laid bare. The model, occasionally seen in the “Breath” video, covered with sugar and chocolate wrappers, is the result of Öğüt’s attempt to preserve Hasankeyf in the state of his childhood memories.

This work was made for the exhibition called Birdir Bîr which took place in Sep-Dec 2023 at AVTO.

In collaboration with Istanbul Maket.

for more information about the exhibition link below